Introducing E----- F-----

Street Walker

Please welcome TFS's new foreign correspondent E----- F-----. He's a private sonofabitch and asked that not much be revealed about him. You can know he travels more than you, he gets into trouble, and he's arrogant. Big things were expected from his first dispatch... Instead you can read what he sent. Can someone get their column pulled after one entry? Thanks Ex.

Hello readers. Welcome to the first of my monthly entries for the blog with a stupid name (seriously, what were you thinking?). Spain is a land of beautiful lovelies, cheap wine, and general vibrancy. Its also the land of street walkers along Las Ramblas in Barcelona. This is an interview I conducted with the lass from the picture early one morning after fruitlessly trolling the clubs for a piece of ass.

Street Walker: Hola!
Me: I guess you'll do. How much to suck my dick?

Street Walker: 40.
Me: I've give you 15.

Ta for now readers.

-ed. note, Ex didn't actually send a pic, and yes the above is exactly what he sent.


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