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Rocky Dennis

This week is devoted to people you might not know but should.
Say hello to Rocky Dennis, 1964-1980. He's the unfortunate looking guy pictured above. Rocky not only suffered from the horrible and exceptionally rare disease Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia, but also had the misfortunate of being immortalized in a Cher film. Granted the movie has modest reviews... but come on, Cher. Anyway, back to the Rock. Despite the disfiguring disease, Rocky had a consistently positive attitude and was probably a better person than you. If you can believe it Master Dennis even managed to snag himself a lil' lady friend with his winning personality- albeit she was certified blind (no joke, serious). The true romantic would respond, isn't love always? Was that your response? I guess the fact he rolled with bikers probably helped his rep. Imagine the girl was bullied into dating him and then ended up being a biker whore who sniffed coke before stripping for rooms full of horny college kids drunk on beer and Inferno shots... excuse the digression. The fact remains, if there's an award for world's most positive person, TFS'd vote for Rocky. Sadly, he died at the tender age of 16 after writing some great poetry and thereby ended a sad story that got the Cher-set weeping. Next time you feel like crying and watching a mediocre movie keep Rocky Dennis in mind.

Welcome Rock. TFS won't let your spirit die.
Ed note: facts are mostly from the Cher movie so they could be less than accurate


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