Tetris But With Bouncy Balls

Over the edge
There's a quiet battle for Bounce Out supremacy happening. The temporary champion is none other than the easily angered, overly competitive Taiwanese school teacher. He's sitting on top of the heap with 150 000 or so. Be warned everyone- dude plays 5 hours a day minimum, he will play more if beaten, and if he can't win in the world of Bounce Out he's not beyond physical intimidation. Nonetheless, enter the circus and have fun- if you beat 150 leave a comment here for the Professor.

Most of you knew it was coming- so let's keep it short. Apple designs superior products, period. Yet the big guys at MS have provided would be mp3 player customers with a list of criteria to help make the decision easier. Surprised that this list suggests the antithesis of the iPod and iTunes as the perfect product?

In an effort to minimize suffering TFS trusts everyone ate the bunnies head first...


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