The Same As White Hot Chocolate- Disappointing

Big Pimpin
The Killers v. The Clash mashup would probably be better if the vocals didn't simply sound laid over the track. Give it a listen anyway.

Bounce Out update #1: It appears, in an attempt to avoid what happened at the FIFA 2003 tournament (anyone else smell pooh?), the Professor has upped the ante by capping a marathon 6 hour playing session (doesn't he live with his girlfriend?) with a high score of 171 000. Just so you know.

Congratulations to this tough guy for over 6 months of non-stop service. In interdweeb time thats a lifetime.

Finallly, for those of you who only read the Weekly World News at the cottage this is from the latest issue.

Officer Tutone aka Helmet, if you read this send me an email.


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