Resurrected Like Hay-zeus...


The last time he was spotted [ed. -shameful] was in a basement in a compromising pose involving Sean #103825. He fled to his native Ecuador, he's still sour, but he's agreed to talk it out. The following is an excerpt from a recent exchange with the above pictured Señor Luis del Plátano.

TFS: Its been what? About 4 years since last time, what happened?
LdP: You know I am still muy pissed.

TFS: Yeah, we all thought it was a joke, maybe it went too far...
LdP: Man, I was hitting the cerveza hard, showing you gringos how its done, had one too many- you know it was embarassing enough- and then shit, you guys go and put me up in that shit.

TFS: Whatever. What have you been up to?
LdP: After waking up and seeing what I'd been put up, I peaced out. Went back to my roots.

TFS: How's the homeland been treating you?
LdP: I got a nice chica, nice little spot- getting some brown spots but you know I am chillin'.

TFS: We hear that, but what about...
LdP: Gots to run- this is lame and I think the crumble is burning.

Not really interested 'cause its coming up to the weekend and... shit- as Luis said, this is lame. Have fun eating chocolate and celebrating dude being pecked by birds as he hung dying this long weekend


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