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Once there was a little monkey who lived in the jungle, let's call him Saloum. Saloum spent his days roaming around, enjoying the trees, and watching other monkeys fornicate. His favourite times were when he'd happen across an unguarded banana plant. Oh how he loved the mushy potassium of bananas! But as time passed he began to feel guilt for stealing the farmer monkeys' bananas and never giving anything back. So he decided to use all the knowledge he had of bananas to plant his own. As happens for most beginners, things weren't perfect at first, but he managed to care for his tiny plant and turn it into a modest plantation, producing some damn fine bananas. It is with little Saloum in mind that I give you this-
Banana 1

If you didn't check it out, you really should spend some more time browsing the left sidebar menu on dear Emil's page. The humour hits homes on the 'joghurt' page. Serious.

Ok, this space is going to develop to include some media files, thoughts, maybe the odd interview, and of course, links. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo dude. nice job. jamie

9/3/05 15:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats all I can take of the banana hammock - do you know they call 'em budgie smugglers in NZ. There you go you can have that one for free Mr G.

Can we have a female equivalent next time.


9/3/05 21:45  
Anonymous Stevie J said...

my biceps aren't even that big, but I would be happy to do an interview.

13/3/05 19:27  

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