Hope Your Weekend Is...


Everyone enjoys seeing other people fall, but TFS would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the guy on the corner last night. Sorry guy, you just looked really funny. Here's the deal, next time you see me feel free to sneak up behind me and kick one of my legs into the other. Then you can laugh at me as I lay face down on the pavement. Deal?

Job interview last week, went slightlly better than Ron Burgundy's for ESPN. (Windows users; if this link doesn't work leave a comment and I'll post a new link)

Personal message to Mr.Thurlow down in Sydney. If the ladies don't come calling, you could just follow this playboy's lead. I am sure he's really successful with the school girls. Not creepy at all.

"...depicted children skateboarding through the streets, drinking milk and tossing rocks at police officers." Does this mean that drinking milk during the 60's was bad-ass?

Current favorite song, Some Velvet Morning.


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